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The only Webflow maintenance service you'll ever need

Elevate your online presence with comprehensive Webflow maintenance. From seamless user experience to robust scalability and SEO excellence, our specialized solutions make website management effortlessly efficient.

Webflow maintenance plans

  1. Webflow maintenance services, including:
  2. SEO optimized site
  3. New pages
  4. Last minute requests
  5. Up to date integrations
  6. No limit of tasks
$2,000/ mo
Billed manually via invoice
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The value of Webflow maintenance

Why is Webflow maintenance essential for your business?

Making an informed decision about Webflow maintenance is pivotal. Our comparison table outlines the stark differences between maintaining and neglecting your Webflow site, focusing on efficiency, performance, and ROI.

With webflow maintenance

Ongoing conversion optimization

Benefit from a dynamic, data-driven approach to maximize user engagement and conversion rates.

Effortless Scalability

Seamlessly grow your website’s features and capabilities without compromising on performance.

Increased visibility

Regular updates and optimizations ensure your website is running smoothly at the forefront of search engine algorithms.

Streamlined User Experience

Frequent audits and modifications result in an intuitive and pleasant browsing experience for your visitors.

24/7 Technical Support

Get real-time assistance and troubleshooting solutions from experts in the field of Webflow maintenance, any day of the week.

Data-Driven Decision Making

In-depth analytics offer actionable insights for continual improvements and maximized ROI.

Without webflow maintenance

Limited Scalability

A lack of updates stymies growth and leads to obsolescence.

SEO Deterioration

Without ongoing optimizations, your website rankings could slide, affecting traffic and conversions.

Stale Content

Outdated content can make your brand appear neglected and can decrease your site's search engine ranking.

Poor User Experience

Poor user experience can lead to higher bounce rates and lower search engine rankings. Optimize user experience to keep visitors engaged and convert them to customers.

Data Negligence

Failing to monitor site analytics can result in missed opportunities and revenue loss.

Hidden Costs

The expense of emergency fixes and site overhauls can far exceed the cost of regular maintenance.

Webflow maintenance services

Keep your website up to date with your ongoing marketing efforts

Our team of experienced webflow developers will provide you with the support and knowledge needed to keep your Webflow website running at its best.

Content updates

Ensure your site's content stays fresh, relevant, and aligned with your branding goals.

  1. Dynamic content refresh
  2. Media management
  3. CTA optimization
  4. On-page SEO tuning


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First Contentful Paint
0.8 s
Time to Interactive
1.1 s
Speed Index
0.8 s

Regular Website Audits

Stay ahead with comprehensive audits that identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.

  1. Performance metrics
  2. SEO health check
  3. Accessibility audit
  4. Mobile responsiveness

SEO optimized webflow site

Invest in your website's future, not just it's launch

As your business scales, your website should evolve in tandem. Failure to do so can result in a missed opportunity to fully capitalize on new market conditions, consumer preferences, or even algorithm updates. Our specialized services in Webflow design and SEO ensure your website not only keeps up but leads the way.

Expert Webflow design services

We agonize over making the best design decisions, backed by our technical and visual knowledge, as we strongly believe that the purpose of web design is to solve business problems. Our Webflow developer team puts a big emphasis on "visual interest" through rich, pixel perfect layouts and attention-grabbing custom visuals.

Image capture of Clearlight homepage, created by STEGA using Webflow
Screenshot of Illumix homepage designed by STEGA, a Webflow agency
Screenshot of Wednesday Talent homepage, a talent management platform, designed by STEGA on Webflow
Project overview
State-of-the-art cabins and innovative therapies designed to elevate your presence.
Main color
Secondary color
Project overview
Illumix Augmented Reality (AR) infrastructure powers the most stunning AR experiences for entertainment venues, marketing campaigns, and digital experiences
Main color
Secondary color
Project overview
Wednesday makes it wildly simple to capture authentic employee video and use it to power your talent brand
Main color
Secondary color

In-depth Webflow SEO Services

Our Webflow developer team leverages the power of Webflow CMS and our technical and visual knowledge to put your Webflow website in the best possible spot to rank high on Google, even capturing the first position in many instances.

Rank on first the page of google for your the most relevant keywords for your business
Your Business - Your service
Your competitors Website
Your competitors Website
Your competitors Website

Affordable Webflow website maintenance packages

One plan. Zero hassle. Maximum value

We've simplified our Webflow maintenance service down to what truly matters, offering everything you need in a single, cost-effective plan affordable for both early stage start ups and established enterprises. No add-ons, no hidden fees, just pure value.

Webflow maintenance plans

  1. Webflow maintenance services, including:
  2. SEO optimized site
  3. New pages
  4. Last minute requests
  5. Up to date integrations
  6. No limit of tasks
$2,500/ mo
Billed manually via invoice
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Client testimonials on our webflow maintenance service

Marketing teams love our comprehensive Webflow site maintenance service

"Our work with Stega was an overwhelming success. The team were able to deliver a site that met our expectations in exactly the timeline we outlined and on budget. Stega is responsive and good at communication. They took time to understand our business and goals and it shows in the final product. I can highly recommend working with Stega and I look forward to partnering with them again soon."

William Stein, Product Manager
webflow agency development client testimonial Carbon Lighthouse made by Stega Creative

"An excellent collaboration for more than 5 years with a multi-disciplined creative design team delivering design solutions across multiple platforms but mainly tv channel branding, branding for tv programmes, editorial design, web & app design. A team with a nuanced bias for excellence, capable of coming up with solutions under high pressure, with remarcable speed and even faster implementations."

Costel B, Head of design

Fantastic job on the website frontend implementation and the backend of a complicated referral program in the blockchain space. Very knowledgeable, flexible, and solution-oriented, always running the extra mile and coming up with answers to the most complex questions or problems. Highly recommend!

Nina S. Marketing Lead

Working with Gabriel from STEGA has always been a positive experience and most importantly, I can trust he will get the job done and do it well. Gabriel has consistently been responsive to requests for support and has had deep expert knowledge that has helped us get out of a few tricky situations we were stuck in. Very grateful to have connected with Gabriel. He's definitely saved the day on at least x2 projects now. Thanks Gabriel!

Kaleb J. CEO

Seamless webflow integrations

Unlock the full potential of your website with custom API integrations

No third-party connectors, no workarounds. Our Webflow maintenance service provides direct, custom API integrations of your essential business tools. Experience a truly seamless, fully-equipped marketing powerhouse with integrations done the right way.

Most requested requested webflow integrations


Integrate Airtable with Webflow

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Integrate HubSpot with Webflow

Learn more about the integration

Integrate Google Analytics with Webflow

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Integrate Google Tag Manager with Webflow

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Integrate SalesForce with Webflow

Learn more about the integration

Integrate Memberstack with Webflow

Learn more about the integration

Integrate Wized with Webflow

Learn more about the integration

Integrate Shopify with Webflow

Learn more about the integration

Integrate MailChimp with Webflow

Learn more about the integration

Our webflow expertise in action

See how we've elevated businesses with Webflow maintenance

Company logo:
Carbon Lighthouse
Company description:

Carbon Lighthouse is an American environmental organization that makes it profitable for commercial and industrial buildings to reduce carbon emissions. Primarily, Carbon Lighthouse performs turnkey energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for office buildings, hotels, large apartment buildings, industrial facilities, and schools.

See webflow project
Company logo:
HCP Group
Company description:

hcp group is an investment boutique for the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable business parks and logistics properties

See webflow project
Company logo:
Digi 4K
Company description:

Digi4K is the first 4K television in Romania, part of the RCS & RDS cable and satelite network.

See webflow project
Company logo:
Company description:

Legatus was founded to make luxury accessible for all. With features and services that make life all the more exclusive. We believe that our mission will not be fulfilled until everyone in our community can live exactly the lifestyle they want. This is the goal we set ourselves each day, with great passion, expertise and new ideas. Legatus is part of the XPAY Group. Our fintech start-up from Munich was founded in 2016 and is one of the fastest-growing B2B2C providers of payment and loyalty solutions with a focus on exclusive benefits.

See webflow project
Webflow Design and Development Agency services for Workbase.com
Company logo:
Company description:

Workbase is a platform that systematises your onboarding, increases the productivity of your employees and turns your company into a "clockwork" in which every gear meshes.

See webflow project
Company logo:
Company description:

Wednesday makes it wildly simple to capture authentic employee video and use it to power your talent brand

See webflow project

FAQ services resources webflow maintenance

Most asked questions about our Webflow maintenance services

What are website maintenance services?

Website maintenance services encompass a variety of tasks aimed at ensuring your website remains functional, secure, and up-to-date. These tasks can range from content updates and security patches to performance optimization and SEO adjustments. The goal is to provide a seamless user experience, maintain high search engine rankings, and keep your website aligned with your evolving business goals.

What does your Webflow maintenance service include?

Our Webflow maintenance service is a comprehensive package designed to keep your website running smoothly. This includes regular website audits, content updates, performance optimization, and even custom API integrations. We cover every aspect of website upkeep to ensure that your online presence stays robust and effective.

Why is ongoing Webflow maintenance important?

In the digital landscape, a static website is a stagnant one. Technologies evolve, as do user expectations and search engine algorithms. Ongoing Webflow maintenance ensures that your site stays current, secure, and efficient. Regular updates and tweaks can improve user experience, SEO performance, and overall functionality, which in turn can positively affect your business metrics.

How much do you charge for website maintenance?

Our all-inclusive Webflow maintenance plan is competitively priced at $2,000 per month, billed manually via invoice. This plan covers everything you need to keep your Webflow website performing optimally—no hidden costs or unexpected fees. It's a comprehensive solution designed for peace of mind and business growth, suited for early stage startups and large enterprises.

What sets STEGA's Webflow maintenance service apart from others?

At STEGA, we don't just maintain; we optimize. Our team of dedicated Webflow experts focuses on continually improving your webflow site. From optimizing for conversions to performing in-depth SEO audits, we go beyond basic upkeep. Plus, we provide custom API integrations without relying on third-party platforms like Zapier, offering a more seamless and robust service.

How do you handle Webflow integrations?

We know that especially early-stage startups and marketing teams have at least a couple of "must-have" apps for their online presence. Our Webflow developer team is ready to integrate any software you're using into your entire Webflow project. We specialize in custom API integrations that allow your Webflow website to communicate directly with the other platforms and software your business uses. Unlike other agencies that rely on third-party tools like Zapier, our custom integrations are more efficient, offering better performance and tighter security.

Is your Webflow maintenance service contract-based or can I opt for a one-off service?

We offer both contract-based and one-off services to suit the diverse needs of our clients. While our monthly maintenance plan offers the best value, we understand that some businesses may need one-time services, which we are happy to provide.

What does CMS mean in Webflow?

CMS stands for Content Management System. In the context of Webflow, the CMS allows you to create, manage, and update your website's content without needing to know how to code. It provides an intuitive interface to add articles, update product listings, and manage other types of data. Webflow's CMS is particularly powerful because it integrates seamlessly with their design tools, making it easier to maintain a consistent look and feel across your site, perfect all marketing teams.

How long does maintenance take on a website?

The duration of website maintenance can vary significantly depending on the specific tasks being performed. Simple updates like content changes may take just a few hours, while more complex tasks like performance optimization or SEO adjustments could require several days. Our aim is to perform maintenance tasks as efficiently as possible to minimize any disruptions to your business operations.

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

The cost to maintain a website can vary greatly depending on its complexity, the technologies used, and the specific needs of your business. However, in addition to our service fee, you'll need to consider other ongoing costs like hosting, domain renewal, and third-party software subscriptions. While these can add to your running costs, they're essential for maintaining a robust, efficient online presence.

Still have questions? Contact us to learn more

Webflow SEO Masters

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Ranked #1 for Highly Competitive Keywords

Take it from the numbers: we consistently rank at the top for highly competitive keywords in the Webflow space. It's not luck; it's expertise.

Exceptional customer satisfaction

Our customer satisfaction rate is over 99%, a testament to the quality, reliability, and impact of our Webflow maintenance and development services.

Screenshot showing STEGA ranking first for the highly competitive keyword 'webflow agency'
Screenshot displaying high metrics from Google Search Console for STEGA, including total clicks, impressions, average CTR, and average position.