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Scale your business with Stega's complete package that has been designed to provide you with all the necessary services to skyrocket your online presence, for a fraction of the price and half the delivery-time of an expensive agency.

The cathedral. What we did wrong and what remains
Recorder editorial office
Introducing the 3D Firework Aroma Diffuser
Overcoming adversities through sports.
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Project overview

An independent online news publication made by journalists. The project involved the redesign of the entire website and the front-end developing.

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Secondary color
Project overview

An online store for a health and wellness brand that is developing high quality stress relief products through combining aromatherapy with fresh scents and 3D playful lights atmosphere.

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Secondary color
Project overview

Neverover is an up-and coming sportswear brand, started in 2021 with the clear purpose of spiking a burning desire in people to strive for excellence, to become what they fear, and through it all, find out what they are capable of.

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Secondary color

Unlimited web design services

From website design, to app design and even branding, we offer a complete stack that is meant to provide you with stand-out design across all of your business's channels.


Unlimited Webflow development

We've successfully helped dozens of businesses launch scalable, robust Webflow-hosted websites, with our technical and incredibly modular workflow that ensures peak performance and fast implementations, whenever you need it.


Unlimited copywriting services

No more paying per word-count, get all the necessary copywriting, whether you need brand voice copywriting, product or service description, or even blog posts, all without any limits.


Unlimited SEO services

We'll get over the most relevant keywords for your business one-by-one with hyper-targeted landing pages, making sure that we follow the best-practices in the process, while simultaneously optimizing everything that already exists.

How it works

It works as good as it sounds

Get unlimited designs, revisions and communication from an enterprise-experienced team, for a fraction of the cost of an expensive agency.

We're 100% confident our business model will make you never want to switch back to the "traditional" approach.

Choose a plan

Opt-in for a consultation call

Send us a brief or let us ask you some questions

Unlimited design requests

Unlimited webflow development requests

Unlimited revisions, until you're 100% satisfied

Daily/ weekly updates


Blazing fast delivery times

We segment each service to separate people from our team, which enables us to deliver everything in record times, without sacrificing the quality one bit.

Real-time monitoring

Stay in touch with us via email, slack, notion or trello, in any time-zone and fast response times. We keep you updated with the progress every 1-3 days, and we're always here for talks.

No templates, everything custom

Everything we design is done from scratch, and tailored to your specific business scenario. We obsess over every little detail, so you won't have to.

Fixed pricing, no suprises

Pay the exact same price month-to-month, no matter what the volume is. No credit card attached, cancel anytime you want with no strings attached.


We're compatible with all the tools you're already familiar with

No matter what platforms you're using, we're using it too! With over a dozen of projects we've been involved in, our team has been through all the popular apps.

"Our work with Stega was an overwhelming success. Gabriel and the team were able to deliver a site that met our expectations in exactly the timeline we outlined and on budget. Stega is responsive and good at communication. They took time to understand our business and goals and it shows in the final product. I can highly recommend working with Stega and I look forward to partnering with them again soon."

William Stein, Product Manager

What's included

We obsess over every little detail so you won't have to

Branding and web design

Rebrand & redesign
Branding guidelines
Branding image
Website design
App design
Dashboard design
Design systems
Style guides
Social media layouts

Webflow development

Design implementation
Advanced interactions
Javascript implementations
On-page optimization
Platform migrations
Custom code & Interactions
API integrations
Script optimization


Product & service description
SEO-specific copywriting
Social media campaign copywriting
Email marketing copywriting
Slogan & taglines creation
Creative copywriting
Marketing copywriting
Brand copywriting
Blog articles creation


On-page technical SEO
Local SEO
Off-page SEO
Hyper-targeted landing pages SEO
E-commerce SEO
Mobile SEO
Content creation SEO

Transparent pricing

Always know what you'll pay

We've stripped down the entire process and we kept only the essential information. For a flat monthly fee, you get everything you'd expect from an expensive agency, for a fraction of the price.

Unlimited Design Services

€4,999 /mo

For startups and businesses that require on-going design assistance to grow further.

One active task at a time

Top-notch enterprise-experienced team

Unlimited design requests

Unlimited revisions

Pause or cancel anytime, no card attached

Real-time collaboration via Slack/ Email

Unlimited Webflow Development

€5,499 /mo

For startups and businesses looking to have a power-house marketing website hosted with webflow.

One active task at a time

Unlimited number of pages

Unlimited revisions

Unlimited interactions

Unlimited ongoing webflow assistance

Highly scalable, robust Webflow builds

Client-first naming convention

On-page SEO included by default

Unlimited Design + Webflow Development

€7,499 /mo

Get Unlimited Design and Webflow development with a single subscription.

One active task at a time

Everything included in the other two plans at a discounted price


Frequently asked questions

Do you really offer unlimited requests?

Yes! Once you subscribe to one of the plans, you can add as many requests as you'd like, and we will deliver them one by one, in the order you need.

How fast is the delivery time?

Depending on the needs, our team can deliver solutions in record times, in some cases, even two days. On average, depending on the use-case, we're operating in the 3-5 day-window. However, more complex requests can take longer. Contact us with your request and we can give you an estimate.

What if I'm not happy with the outcome?

We're confident we can deliver a solution that will make you happy, however that doesn't always happen with the first option. No worries, we continute to work on it until you're 100% satisfied with the result!

What if I only have one request?

We understand that this is a use-case, that's why we don't ask for your credit card information under a recurring payment option. You can intrerupt the collaboration at any time, with no hassles, and only pay for the months you know you need assistance.

Do you offer discounted annual plans?

Yes we do! If you decide to pay for a full year, you'll receive two months free of charge.

How do I request revisions?

We offer a variety of options for this. Depending on your preferences, we can do this via mail, slack, trello, notion, or any option that works for you firstly, and then for us.

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Stega is ready to help your business with an amazing website, that represents your brand every step of the way.

Unlimited design
Unlimited copywriting
Unlimited webflow development
Unlimited SEO
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