Carbon Lighthouse

Carbon Lighthouse is an American environmental organization that makes it profitable for commercial and industrial buildings to reduce carbon emissions. Primarily, Carbon Lighthouse performs turnkey energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for office buildings, hotels, large apartment buildings, industrial facilities, and schools.

Services provided:

Web Design

Webflow Development



Custom API implementation

Faceted filter system

Preview website
*production website might look different than the screenshots below due to updates or changes

The problem

With over 340 pages on a WordPress build and in a desperate need of a redesign, Carbon Lighthouse decided to migrate its marketing website over to Webflow, in order to fully take advantage of the CMS and the ease of use of the Editor, and also upgrade the website infrastructure and the design in the process.

The solution

Stega came into this project with a lot to offer. With less than a month until the launch, we've managed to create a robust, scalable website architecture, redesign even the smallest of details, and put a big emphasis on visual interest, custom UI elements, lottie animations, and much more.

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