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Stega Creative is a multi-disciplinary web design and webflow development agency with a clear goal of solving real-life business problems through stand-out design, robust webflow websites, organic lead generation and powerful copywriting.


Web design

We agonize over every little detail and every single use-case for the problem we're trying to solve through design. We bring together all the necessary parts to create a beautiful, functional design.


Webflow Development

We've been part of the webflow community for more than 5 years now. Our approach to development is very technical, with a big emphasis on performance, scalability and accessibility for all users.


Website Copywriting

With our in-house copywriter we are able to offer the full-stack package you need to launch your new website site in weeks, not months. We are ready to research, write and deliver the copywriting that will best describe your business to your audience.



All of our decisions, from design and developing, to copywriting, are centered around SEO best practices. We offer an wide range of SEO services that ensures your website is optimized and in the best position to rank on the first page of search engines.


A complete solution for all website use-cases

Our team brings together all the skills required to create top-notch websites for all major use-cases. We have both the design talent and the technical knowledge to support all of your business needs.

Marketing Websites

Transform your "root" domain into a powerhouse, lead-generating marketing website. Through visually rich layouts and a ultra-scalable infrastructure, your new website will be at the core of all your marketing efforts.

SaaS B2B Websites

As one of our most requested use-cases, SaaS B2B Websites have become second nature for us. We know the best-practices and the correct infrastructure so that everything runs smooth between your root domain and all of your subdomains.

E-commerce websites

E-commerce is something we're really passionate about, and heavily invested in. With our customer-centric approach we're able to provide robust solutions that are guaranteed to set you on the right track.

Landing Pages

There are a lot of things that go behind a successful landing page, and we provide you with all the resources and knowledge needed to create high-converting, attention-grabbing landing pages.

Recent projects

Some of our recent work

See some of our Webflow projects in action

Webflow Agency Web Design Ecommerce Project for Neverover Sportswear

Neverover is an up-and coming sportswear brand, started in 2021 with the clear purpose of spiking a burning desire in people to strive for excellence, to become what they fear, and through it all, find out what they are truly capable of.

Services offered:
See webflow project

Recorder is a publication created and owned by journalists. The project was launched in 2017, with Cristian Delcea, Mihai Voinea, Andrei Crăciun and Răzvan Ionescu as founders. Recorder is funded by readers' donations and advertising contracts, and editorial policy is based on these principles: honest journalism, passionately done, and public service. You can read here the Recorder manifesto published on July 12, 2017, the day of the launch.

Services offered:
See webflow project

Medspred is a medical writing and consulting services agency that provides expert knowledge in the medical field, with high quality content for your website, marketing materials, and more. We make it easy for you to communicate complex medical information with your audience.

Services offered:
See webflow project

Filed is a marketing, eCommerce, and Influencer software that helps your business grow without compromise. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the customer."

Services offered:
See webflow project

Briz is the pioneering brand behind a revolutionary humidifier that not only purifies the air but also doubles as an aromatherapy receptacle for essential oils. Experience the perfect blend of clean and fragrant air with Briz's innovative humidifier, designed to enhance your environment. Breathe in the benefits of purified air and indulge in the soothing scents of your favorite essential oils, all in one sleek and convenient device. Elevate your well-being with Briz's cutting-edge humidifier and aromatherapy solution.

Services offered:
See webflow project

Digi24 is the biggest news television in Romania, being part of the RCS & RDS cable and satelite network.

Services offered:
See webflow project

Nature Talks is a Non-profit organization looking to educate and create informational resources about the environment and the dangers that the pollution exposes us all to. They're regularly organizing events about the eco lifestyle and how each and every one of us can start implementing minor changes that go a long way.

Services offered:
See webflow project

SlickDry is a groundbreaking brand that has introduced an innovative hanger, designed to dry clothing in record time. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a forward-thinking design, SlickDry's hanger significantly accelerates the drying process, ensuring garments are ready to wear in no time. With SlickDry, bid farewell to damp clothes and embrace unparalleled efficiency, as this game-changing hanger revolutionizes the way we dry our garments.

Services offered:
See webflow project

CAPEX.com is a brand established in 2016 with the goal of transforming the way people trade online. Their customer-centered and education-oriented philosophy is backed up by powerful technology, allowing them to create new ways for individuals to invest in the financial markets.

Services offered:
See webflow project

Frumentarius is a news outlet in the intelligence world

Services offered:
No items found.
See webflow project

Filed is a marketing, eCommerce, and Influencer software that helps your business grow without compromise. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the customer."

Services offered:
See webflow project


The proof is in the pudding testimonials

See what our clients have to say about our webflow agency services & overall collaboration


"Overall, I can honestly say that the work Stega did for us was invaluable. They are the best agency we've ever worked with, and I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for a talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable team to help establish, design, and develop their website."

Brigid - Founder & CEO

"Everything was above my expectations. The outcome project is great and was delivered on time."

Sebastian K. - Founder

"An excellent collaboration for more than 5 years with a multi-disciplined creative design team delivering design solutions across multiple platforms but mainly tv channel branding, branding for tv programmes, editorial design, web & app design. A team with a nuanced bias for excellence, capable of coming up with solutions under high pressure, with remarkable speed and even faster implementations."

Costel B. - Head of Design
Nature Talks

"The collaboration was beyond what we expected or even wanted. The amount of suggestions and initiative we've received from the team is beyond anything we've experienced with any vendor previously. Thanks to STEGA's support and exceptional web design skills, we have a beautiful and easy to use website, which will help us achieve our goals. We could not be more happy with our new website! Thanks Stega Creative! I will gladly recommend you!"

Teodora I. - Founder NGO

"You guys did a great job navigating our challenges and bursts of feedback, whilist providing your input in the right place. We're very happy with where we've landed with the web design and how short the development process was . The detail orientation on the final deliverable couldn't have been better. Overall, we've had a fantastic collaboration!"

Jeremy - Founder & CEO

"Stega has been a delight to work with: Fast, professional, reliable, and communicative. Their technical knowledge and turn-around time have been extremely positive. "

Johannes - CEO
Core Media Hub

"With Stega's help, we've successfully relaunched our new identity and website, in record times. The final product is just as we dreamed. It is fresh, modern, responsive, and user friendly and it was done in a very short period of time, without sacrificing anything in regards to the quality. The web design process as well as the web development timeframe were extremely on point. I highly recommend Stega for your next project that involves branding, web design, or technical knowledge."

Adrian Cojocaru - CEO

"Working with STEGA has always been a positive experience and most importantly, I can trust them to get the job done and do it well. Gabriel and the team have consistently been responsive to requests for support and have had deep expert knowledge that has helped us get out of a few tricky situations we were stuck in. Very grateful to have connected with Gabriel. He's definitely saved the day on at least x2 projects now. Thanks, Stega!"

Kaleb - Managing Director

As a consultant in the field of innovation, I have worked with Stega on other projects, and as always, they did not disappoint. The external conditions were not ideal and the time pressure was extremely high - but this is certainly not evident in the extraordinary result. Many thanks to Gabriel and his team, exceptional work.

Gorgin F. - Innovator
Jenn's Portfolio

"WOW! I cannot say enough good things about Stega. I am truly blown away by their work. I consider myself lucky to work with such talented, professional, and kind people. After working with a few webflow developers, I really wasn't sure I'd find anyone who could effectively fix my problems. Stega stepped in, showed creativity and momentum in their problem-solving, and presented me genius solutions that I could not be more proud of. Once more, they did this all in record time. Their responsiveness was unmatched: hardly after pressing send for a request, I'd get a thorough & understandable response with a completion of my request. They were steps ahead of me in every way, communicating with me so that I felt like we were a team, yet they did all the heavy lifting. They were informative and helpful, making sure I approved of everything they did and answered every little question thoughtfully and patiently. Their work was not only stunning and aesthetically pleasing, it was functional, easy to use, and accessible for every user. Thank you, Stega! "

Jenn - Creative Director
Carbon Lighthouse

"Our work with Stega was an overwhelming success. Gabriel and the team were able to deliver a site that met our expectations in exactly the timeline we outlined and on budget. Stega is responsive and good at communication. They took time to understand our business and goals and it shows in the final product. I can highly recommend working with Stega and I look forward to partnering with them again soon."

Will S. - Product Manager

"Fantastic job on the website frontend implementation and the backend of a complicated referral program in the blockchain space. Very knowledgeable, flexible, and solution-oriented, always running the extra mile and coming up with answers to the most complex questions or problems. Highly recommend! "

Nina S. - Marketing Manager

"I cannot recommend Stega Creative enough for their exceptional technical knowledge and ability to provide custom webflow development solutions. We had a complex project that no other agency could comprehend or deliver a good enough solution for. Thank you, Stega Creative, for your outstanding work and commitment to excellence."

Nils K. - Founder

Our process

A complete end-to-end process you will love

We have years of enterprise-level experience, which helped us create a system that ensures we leave no stones unturned when it comes to launching successful websites.

Project start

Stega's website process

Custom design

Advanced key-visuals

Advanced Interactions

Unlimited revisions

Ongoing support

Full audit before launch

Successful launch

Visually rich layouts

We put a big emphasis on visual communication, and we're using all the tools in the arsenal to achieve this every single time.

Ultra-scalable infrastructure

We have a deep understanding of how the web works, as well as a dozen websites built. We approach every website as it is going to serve millions of monthly views.

WCAG compliance

At Stega Creative we take accessibility very seriously, and we take all the necessary procedures to make sure your website is accessible by everyone.

Extensive support

We don't just offer support during the website development itself. We want to be part of your journey long-term and we want you to feel like we are your "internal" team for everything that has to do with your website.

Available worldwide

Scalable, robust websites worldwide

99% satisfaction rate

75+ projects assisted

Enterprise-level experience

Guangzhou, China
Work in progress!
Mexico city, North America
Work in progress!
Madrid, Spain
Stega is accros all Europe
Paris, France
Stega is in France as well
United Kingdom, UK
Accelerating growth for companies in London, UK
Berlin, Germany
3 on-going collaborations in Germany
Hong Kong, Asia
1 enterprise client in Hong Kong
Las Vegas, United States
5+ clients in Las Vegas
New York, United States
Stega is in New York too!
San Francisco, United States
Primarily working with clients in U.S.
Bucharest, Romania
Primarily based here
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