Special discounts for Start-ups

Stega creative at your service!

We know that starting up can get overwhelming, and you want everything to be perfect right from that start, and that often times leads to avoiding to actually start. We want to help you take the first steps and launch a successful website right from the beginning.

Stega helps you by:

Creating a website that stands out
Integrating your website with 500+ applications
Reach your entire potential audience with SEO
Automate all the processes that take place on your website (form subsmissions, sign-ups, purchases, subscriptions, etc)
Offering discounts of up to 70%
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• Stega is dedicated to helping as many start-ups as possible, however our offer is limited based on the number of total project we have ongoing. If we can't help you right away, you'll be added to a waitlist.

• To be eligible for discounts of up to 70%, you must be within the first year of the launch of your business registration.